Printed Circuit Board Assembly

ASL has many years and experience of sourcing for and manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies. We work with your engineers and provide reviews to ensure designs are able to be manufactured with high yields, specifically when fine pitch and 01005 and BGA components are now common.

We source materials from national and international distributors and our component engineering team can also advise possible alternative parts when lead times or availability do not meet your required deliveries. Modern industry leading equipment for Jet Printing of solder paste in conjunction with industry leading placement machines and automated optical inspection combined with many years of experience provide high quality and yield for finished assemblies.

Key Features

Flexible and responsive, matching your needs and if required the creation of new processes.
Design for manufacture review to minimise risk on new product introduction.
International standards, ISO9001 accreditation and IPC trained employees.

Contact us for a free consultation and quote and we’ll email you our document “7 Common Oversights When Creating PCB Designs For Production.”
Printed Circuit Board Assembly