Quality Assurance

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Invested in your success

Passionate people, structured processes, class-leading equipment and facilities.

We promise a quality product and experience. We achieve this through a passionate and experienced team of people working with your engineers to understand your requirements. From this understanding, we use our flexible approach to define a manufacturing process for you, leveraged off our structured ISO9001 certified processes.

We work with you to create a process adapted for your needs, to manufacture and test products to your industry standards, so you can have greater confidence in our ability to deliver quality every time. We strive to be easy to work with and when it matters most, you will be able to easily access the right people to have the right conversations.

We focus on getting the up-front processes correct, which together with our team of excellent people, class leading equipment and facility results in reliable high yield products.

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Our employees are trained and certified to relevant international IPC610 standards and our business to ISO9001:2015 for even greater confidence for our customers.